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The Member Picnic that was to be held October 18 has been cancelled due to insufficient participation. We could not reach the minimum number of people required by the caterer.

NOTICE… All ranges will be closed Saturday September 20 for the “Women In The Outdoors” event.

MEMBER DUES… By a majority vote of the members present at the September 15, 2014 member meeting the dues for 2015 will be $75.00 for renewing memberships and $100.00 for new memberships. If a member lets their membership lapse they will be required to pay the new member dues and take new member orientation again.

FOUND… a pair of binoculars, Monday morning, July 28

If you think they are yours contact Roy Snyder @ 786-2439 and identify them.

Friendly Reminder…

Due to ongoing problems, the “rapid fire” rule has changed.

There MUST be 3 seconds between shots.

You may fire “double-tap” but must then wait 3 seconds before the next shot. The only exception is at a “club sanctioned event” where range safety officers are present and watching the firing line. This rule will be policed and enforced.

When Using Association Ranges…

We will be conducting membership spot-checks and checking membership cards.

Please have your membership card with you and display your association pin while on our ranges.

3-D Archery Range Closing

On Saturdays prior to a Sunday 3-D Archery event, all ranges will close at 1:00 p.m. to allow time for setting up targets.

3/23 Membership Capped

Membership has been capped for the remainder of the 2014 calendar year.  Membership will open again in January of 2015.  Any questions call Brian Weaver 717-575-4602.

New Gate Info  

The new gate is now in full operation.

You will need to have your new card, and have renewed for 2014, to gain access to the club grounds.

Please contact Brian Weaver at membership@slcfsa.com for more information.

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