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PA Steel 1

This is a family fun event with the key word being FUN.

Each match is started with a safety  briefing.

Safety is our #1 priority.

Each match consists of 5 unique stages of steel.

Each stage is shot 5 times. Your 4 fastest times on each stage are combined for your total score.


Our Rules:

1.    Eye and ear protection should be worn at all times when shooting begins.

2.    All guns must be kept empty and cased / holstered at all times except at the firing line or designated gun handle table.

3.    NO ammo is allowed at the designated gun handle table.

4.    Magazines / speed loaders and ammo must be kept separate from the gun.

5.    Magazines / speed loaders may be loaded anywhere except at the designated gun handle table.

6.    Follow RSO instructions at the firing line regarding uncasing / unholstering, taking a sight picture, and loading your gun.

7.    Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction down range at the firing line. The 180 deg. plane can not be broken.

8.    Anyone may call “cease fire”, if anyone sees or hears something unsafe.   When a “cease fire” is called, shooter must stop shooting, continue to point gun down range, and wait for further instructions from the RSO.

9.    Do not go down range until the RSO declares the range is safe.

PA Steel 2

2017 Dates and Times:

22 April – 1 Start time – 11:30am  sign up, 12:00 Start Shooting
27 May – 1 Start time – 11:30am sign up, 12:00 Start Shooting
24 June – 2 Start Times – 8:30am Sign up, 9am Start Shooting – 12:00pm Sign up 12:30pm Start Shooting
22 July – 2 Start Times – 8:30am Sign up, 9am Start Shooting – 12:00pm Sign up 12:30pm Start Shooting
26 Aug – 2 Start Times – 8:30am Sign up, 9am Start Shooting -12:00pm Sign up, 12:30pm Start Shooting
23 Sept – 1 Start time – 11:30am Sign up, 12:00pm Start Shooting
28 Oct – 1 Start time – 11:30am Sign up,  12:00pm Start Shooting

Any questions contact:

Butch Abbott @

(484) 354-0465

Jeff Willi @

(616) 862-3649

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