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CMP December 2015We have year-round CMP-style shooting matches designed to test your skills with military-style rifles.

Each month’s match commemorates an historical event from our country’s history, and salutes the men and women who have served.

Registration starts at 12:00 noon and the safety briefing starts at 12:30 p.m.

Cost is 5 dollars per adult shooter.

Juniors are strongly encouraged to attend and always shoot free of charge.

A match consists of 4 targets shot in 3 positions;

Standing, 10 shots slow fire single load.

Sitting, 10 shots rapid fire from magazine with reload.

Prone, 10 shots rapid fire from magazine with reload.

Prone, 20 shots slow fire single load.

2 sighters shots are allowed on each target.

CMP reduced range targets are used and are set at 100 yards.

Equipment needed;

Rifle, 2 magazines or clips, 58 rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection is required.

Spotting scope or binoculars, and shooting mat are recommended. But we usually have extras on hand.

We have a friendly group of “regulars” who are happy to help anyone wanting to give this a try.

It doesn’t matter if you have never tried this before… we all had to start somewhere.

For More Information contact: Al or Leda Warfel 717-786-1866


January 15,   Bastogne         WWII era Rifles

February 19,   Frozen Chosin       Korean War Era Rifles

March 19,         Foreign Bolt Action or Straight Pull Rifles

April 23,          Any Nationality, Any era

May 21,           U.S. Bolt Action

June 4,             D-Day          WWII Era Rifles

July 16,             Any Nationality, Any Era

August 20,        Viet Nam Era Rifle

September 17,      M1 Garand and M1 Carbine AS ISSUED

October 15,         Battle Of The Black Sea  [Any Nationality]

November,         No Shoot  –  No Shoot

December 17,      Russian Bolt Action


CMP Vintage/Modern Sniper Match

We also have CMP-style vintage/modern sniper rifle matches.

These are held on Saturdays throughout the year.

Match registration starts at 12:00 noon with the safety briefing at 12:30 p.m.

Targets are set at 200 yards and are sized appropriately for the class of rifle.

This is a team event consisting of 2 people. With each person taking 2 turns in the spotter position and 2 turns in the shooter position.

The course of fire will consist of a number of sighter shots and 10 shots for score on each target. (2 targets for each person)

Eye and ear protection is required.

These shoots will be held on the lower rifle range, so this range will be closed for the duration of the event.

For more information contact: Carlo Tomasulo 717-368-4729



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