SLCFSA Sportsmen’s Challenge

Objective is to challenge your shooting skills with legal PA Hunting Firearms and ammunition at animal silhouettes.

PA Hunting Firearms event involves:

  • Shooting animal silhouette targets at 25, 50, 100, 200, and 300 yards.
  • Only legal PA hunting Firearms allowed with hunting ammunition. No target ammo.
    • manually operated, centerfire firearms with all lead bullet or a bullet designed to expand on impact.
  • You will have 3 minutes to load and shoot 3 shots per distance, One per animal silhouette.
    • one additional (4th shot) per distance is allowed if one of the 3 was a miss.
  • Shooter has option for vital shot (clay bird, 4 ¼” target) or head shot (dove clay, 2 ¼” target)
  • Only direct hits on vital or head shot will count. You must hit and knock out clay bird or Dove clay.
  • Use of open sights or scopes that you would use for hunting in PA.
  • You will use the same firearm for all distances.
  • All shots will be from hunting positions.
  • Use of cross sticks, slings, mono-pods, bi-pods or other shooting aids can be used if that is what you normally carry with you in PA woods.
  • Any supporting aids used must be carried with you at all times even if not being used for a given distance.
  • Junior shooters must be accompanied by an adult per PA hunting regulations.

Event is held the second Sunday of even numbered months (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec).

*Unless event conflicts with other club events that prevent use of range.

Sign-up and registration is 11:00am to 12:00 noon with Safety Briefing beginning at 12:00 noon

Shooting to start by 12:30pm

Must attend the safety briefing to qualify to shoot.

For more information contact

Johnny Keplinger 717-951-8011

Barry Brown 410-688-1702

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