Association Policies

Southern Lancaster County Farmer-Sportsmen’sAssociation General Policies (January 2017)

I understand it is my responsibility to know and follow the association’s general policies and procedures for the orderly use of its facilities, and for the safety of other members, invited guests, spectators, and event participants. Other specific Standing Operation Procedures (SOP’s) are available to me for participation in most association activities.

    1. In order to be voted in as a member, I must attend an association orientation, during which I must complete and submit an application for membership, with appropriate dues. Voting will take place at the following General Membership Meeting held on the third Monday of the month, starting at 7 P.M.
    2. I am required to be able to identify myself as a member of theassociation by carrying my membership card and wearing my membership pin while on the facilities.
    3. I am responsible for my own safety and for the safety of people around me on the facility, therefore, I will be aware of, and follow all vehicle speed limits, parking rules, and posted safety instruction signs.
    4. I understand that no use or sale of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is permitted on the facility, including the pond area. I also understand that if I am impaired by the use of alcohol or drugs, I will not be allowed to participate in activities and will be asked to leave the facilities.
    5. No loaded firearms are permitted in the clubhouse, except for holders of a valid license to carry firearms, on-duty law enforcement personnel, and during sanctioned events.
    6. No swimming in, or ice skating on the association pond is permitted. No hunting is permitted. No use of dirt bikes, quads, or snowmobiles is permitted without permission.
    7. Pets must be leashed, or under the control of their owners/handlers, and are not allowed on the ranges except for sanctioned events.
    8. Any inappropriate or unsafe actions while on association facilities may result in a person being asked to leave. (Drinking alcoholic beverages, or being impaired, not correcting a safety infraction, inappropriate shooting, unauthorized firearms or ammunition, etc.) If you observe any inappropriate activity, ask the person if they know the rules – ask for a proof of membership – ask for a name or record their license plate number and report this information. Member issues will be handled by the executive committee; non-members will be reported to authorities as appropriate. Do not get into a confrontation. Walk away and report the information.
    9. In the event of any medical or facility emergency, follow the Emergency Reporting Instructions provided. Notify a member of the Executive Committee as soon as possible.
    10. Grounds and range maintenance, cleaning and repairs, is accomplished by member volunteers. Clean up after yourself and your guests and use the available trash containers for disposal.


General Rules for Pistol, Rifle, Archery, and Trap Ranges:


  1. The use of any association range is limited to members who have attended the SLCFSA new member orientation. Members are allowed to bring immediate family and one guest. The member is responsible for the actions or their family members and guest and must remain with them at all times when on association facilities. The Southern Lancaster County Farmer-Sportsmen’s Association assumes no responsibility for any personal injury, property damage, or loss, while you or your guests are on the association facilities.
  2. Outdoor shooting hours are Monday – Saturday 8 A.M. until sundown, and on Sunday from 12          noon  until sundown. There will be no shooting on any Sunday before noon. For specific shooting times for each day of the month, see the listings for “sundown” times in the association Newsletter.  Some Trap shooting activities extend past sundown because shooting is “under the lights” during some events.
    1. All shooters on the ranges must have ear and eye protection.  Any spectators near the firing lines should also be protected.  Always be courteous to fellow shooters by insuring they are aware when shooting on your line will begin, and the anticipate direction/location of your ejected shells.
    2. Shooting on all pistol, rifle, and the muzzleloader ranges is to be done at appropriate paper or cardboard targets ONLY. Targets should be placed on the chicken wire using clothes pins and not on the wood target frames
    3.  Hand trap throwing is permitted between trap house 2 and 3using clay targets only.
    4. Never handle, load, or fire a firearm while anyone is down range. This includes casing, uncasing, cleaning or adjusting.
    5. Keep firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times.
    6.  All firearms are to be unloaded and actions open before anyone goes down range. Empty chamber indicators are highly recommended so all shooters know all firearms on the linare safe.
    7. No cross firing – shoot at your designated target only
    8. Shots will be spaced a reasonable time apart, (no faster than approximately 3 seconds), based of your ability to hit your posted targets. “Double Tap” is permitted. The goal is safe and controlled fire on your target, not just a rapid firing of rounds down range. Some sanctioned association events may have rapid fire as part of the shooting scenario. This is the only approved exception to this rule.
    9. During some association activities, some ranges may be closed for safety reasons, (Fishing Derby, Hunting and Fishing Shows, construction, grass mowing, or Trap. Check the WEBsite or Newsletter calendars for dates and times.
    10. The following are not permitted on any range for safety reasons – .50 Cal BMG type firearms, any fully automatic firearm, and tracer rounds. A fully auto firearm, legally licensed, may be fired in semi-auto mode only, with permission from the executive committee.
    11. Motor vehicles are not permitted on the ranges except for authorized range maintenance and repairs.
    12. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, or a responsible adult with parent’s permission, who must be in the immediate vicinity of the under age person while on th facility.
    13. Before leaving the range, pick up any shell cases, and remove targets from the backstop, and deposit them in the proper trash container. If the containers are full, take the trash to the nearest dumpster. Do not place live ammo or duds in the trash cans. Take all unfired ammo with you.


Rifle Range Rules 

      1. All firing is to be done from the range pavilion except during some sanctioned events requiring other position shooting.
      2. Rifles, shotguns, slug guns, and muzzleloaders are to be fired only from the shoulder position, No hip shooting, cross firing or trick shooting. An exception would be a rifle caliber pistol which would be fired from the sighting plain of the firearm.


Pistol Range Rules

    1.  The original (lower 12 point) pistol range and the concrete wall pistol ranges are for PISTOLS only.
    2.  The following firearms may be used on the 50 foot pistol ranges and the muzzleloader range: Pistols, Pistol caliber rifles, rim fire rifles, and muzzleloaders.
    3.  Shotguns can be fired on the following ranges only: Rifle range, Muzzleloader range, and the 50 foot pistol ranges during sanctioned events.
    4. All shooters using the same range must be on a line the same distance from the targets
    5. All shooting must be done from the sighting plane of the firearm. No hip or cross firing is permitted.


Archery Range Rules

      1. Only arrows with field or target points are permitted except for the 20 yard backstop on the left of the range, which I designated for broad heads only.
      2. Do not nock your arrow until all shooters are on line anready to shoot.
      3. Shooting hours are from 8 A.M. until sundown, any day.

(Changes to any general policy or range rule will be posted in theNewsletter and on the WEBsite.)

Emergency Reporting

In the event of an emergency where EMS, Fire, and/or Police are required: CALL 911.

Use a cell phone or the telephone in the clubhouse, if it is open.

Provide the following information:

Specific Location and address of the emergency

742 Hollow Road, New Providence, Pa. 17560

Directions: West on Rt 372 from Quarryville to Hollow Rd, or East on Rt 372 from Rt 272 to Hollow Rd. Proceed North on Hollow Rd to the SLCFSA entrance sign.

Answer the 911 operator’s questions to include reporting any hazards for emergency responders. Do not hang up – the operator may be able to provide CPR or First Aid instructions if needed.

Render the best possible aid to any sick or injured persons.

If you are on an active firing range and the emergency is near the firing line or down range, call a “Cease Fire”.

If other people are available, send one to the entrance gate to direct emergency responders to your location.

Clear the firearm of the person involved in the emergency and secure their personal equipment.

Secure the emergency area for police if a gunshot injury was involved.

Record the following information if possible, and notify a member of the executive committee if no one is present at the facility:

Name of the person or persons involved.

A description of the emergency with as many details as possible,

and names of all witnesses.

Executive Committee contacts: Bob Morrison 410-804-2393, Barry Strawser 717-575-6387, Brian Weaver 717-575-4602,

Johnny Keplinger 717-951-0811, Carl Warfel 717-989-5823


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